About Us

La Chingona.

As a Latina who's been called "Chingona" many times and sometimes "Cabrona" too, it is no surprise that my sarcastic and sometimes funny views on life would come out in my creative tees. I am a natural creative who loves to see others relate and connect with my designs. I am Chris, owner of Sanchez Here. 

Who We Are.

We are a screen printing shop. We print tees. When we are not printing for others, we are printing out more Spanglish tee designs for Sanchez Here. You might find us a Latino festival across the country where we love to meet La Raza and share a few laughs with our tees and hats.

More than Spanglish

Born in the Midwest, we sometimes never saw ourselves represented in TV shows or clothing lines. Being able to connect with others like ourselves is why we have this Spanglish collection. We hope others can relate. 

But also being born in the Midwest, we have many more interests and that is also represented in some of our other collections. 

Why "Sanchez Here"

Sanchez Here, the name came from an incident that happened to me and it had us laughing for days and the name stuck. Sanchez Here Custom Tees is an online shop of tees that focus on the fun side of the Latin culture as well as just life in general. All tees are designed by us and we print in house. This allows us to keep our costs down and ship directly to you.